Are you losing sleep at night worrying about your child’s safety?

You are NOT alone!

CJ Scarlet is Leading a Movement to Change the Conversation


If you pay attention to the news, it seems as if predators are lurking around every corner, waiting to grab our children the second we turn our backs.

Parents are doing the very best they can, but in an effort not to scare their kids, they’re not being honest about the dangers they face and are making them more vulnerable to predation. It’s time to change this self-defeating paradigm and give our children what they need to live safe, confident, happy lives.

Stop Worrying and Start Taking Action!

Fact is, the world isn’t nearly as bad as the media makes it sound, and you—and your child—have a tremendous amount of power to keep her safe.

Throughout your darling’s childhood, she’s going to encounter tons of people, most of whom you both know fairly well—at daycare and pre-school, on play dates, at events, in your own  home—and any one of them could be a predator. I don’t care how alert you think you are; you can’t keep her in your sight every minute; it’s not possible and it’s not even remotely healthy.

Your child’s best bet to stay safe is for you to teach her what she needs to know about how to protect and defend herself when you’re not around. By reading CJ Scarlet’s book, Badass Parenting: Prepare Your Kid 0 to 9 to Deal with Danger without Scaring the Hell out of Them, and following her advice, you’re doing the one, most important thing you can do to protect your child from harm—taking action.

Why It’s So Important to Parent-Up

According to Edmund Burke, the only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good parents to do nothing to teach their kids how to protect and defend themselves from a-hole predators. (OK, so that’s not exactly what Burke said, but you get my point.)

Research shows that children who are taught to protect and defend themselves—by doing things like yelling, running away, saying “no,” or by fighting—are less attractive to predators and stand a significantly greater chance of avoiding and escaping an abusive situation or potential abduction. 

Educating yourself and your child is super liberating, and the positive seeds you plant in her mind today will blossom into positive behaviors that will serve her throughout her life. Rather than worrying about nebulous dangers, you’ll know the facts, and once you teach your child what CJ shares in Badass Parenting  and in her upcoming video series, you’ll sleep better at night knowing you’ve taught her to be a little baby badass who can take care of herself.


It’s Better to Empower Our Kids Now Than to Try to Repair Them Later

Don’t be afraid your sweetums will lose his innocence if you teach him about body safety. Nope; won’t happen. This is a cold, cruel world we live in and your kid is aware of that fact and knows more than you realize. In fact, he’ll be empowered and far safer when he knows what the dangers are and how to meet them head on. It’s way better to teach your child about sexual abuse, for example, than to pick up the pieces later because he didn’t know how to protect himself.

And don’t think he’s too young either. The most likely age for a child to be sexually abused is between the ages of 3 and 8. That means you need to begin the body safety conversation as soon as he’s verbal and keep it up until he leaves your care as a young adult.

You—and your child—have more power to keep him safe than you think!


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