You can teach your kid how to differentiate between safe and unsafe people by playing the “Stranger Adventure” game. In this game, which you can play with your child anytime, anywhere, you simply observe the people around you and talk about them.

This isn’t about being catty or making snarky comments about people; it’s about teaching your child how to critically observe them for signs that they appear safe. As you and your child watch people and talk about your impressions of them, make it a clear that she should focus mainly on their actions and body language, looking for clues that a particular person deserves extra scrutiny and caution. For example, help her note when someone looks angry or aggressive, which may indicate a controlling or volatile personality, or if she feels weirded out by someone who leers at women or children as they pass. 

By closely watching people’s behavior, your child will learn that just because someone is wearing a suit doesn’t automatically mean he’s trustworthy, any more than a person wearing a hoodie and sporting multiple body piercings means she’s dangerous. Put simply, it’s how a person makes her feel that counts the most, and you should validate those feelings when she shares them and talk about the clues she picked up on that prompted those feelings.

Use role-playing to help her think through how she would react if approached by one of those people. Depending on your child’s age, you can say, “I can see why that person makes you feel creeped out. I sense that too. If he tried to talk to you and you felt uncomfortable, you could say something like, ‘My mom’s waiting for me. I have to go.’ Or, if he was making your feel afraid, you could even yell for me and run away as fast you can to a safe person.”

Let your child think through what she would do in each situation. Listen to her full answer and validate her impressions. If necessary, help her tweak her responses to ensure they’re on target and effective.

Playing the Stranger Adventure game with your child will:

  • Train her to be situationally aware of her environment and the people in it.
  • Help her not to make automatic judgments about people based merely on their appearance.
  • Teach her to remain vigilant and open to new information about people that may change her feelings about them and require her to alter her own actions in response.
  • Exercise her growing ability to listen to and act on her intuition.
  • Teach her how to set and defend strong physical and emotional boundaries.
  • Remind her who she might go to for help if she needs it.
  • Enable her to feel greater confidence when encountering strangers, knowing she can trust herself to know when someone or something doesn’t feel right, and that she can take steps to avoid or get away from them.

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CJ Scarlet, aka the Badass Grandma, is a danger expert and the bestselling author of Badass Parenting, Heroic Parenting, and The Badass Girl’s Guide: Uncommon Strategies to Outwit Predators.

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