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Bullying Child Safety Parenting

How to Teach Your Child about Body Safety Issues

There are tons of great, fun, easy ways to incorporate body safety topics into your everyday conversations with your child, two of which I cover below: Using Stories Children love stories (mostly they love the attention you pay them when you’re reading to them). Here’s a short list to give you an idea of what …

Child Safety Parenting

Ploys Kidnappers Use to Lure Children

Predators can be majorly slick characters, although many of those who commit crimes of opportunity (meaning they jump at the chance to kidnap a child because the opportunity presents itself) are just fumbling along. In 34 percent of abduction attempts, the offender’s use force to kidnap their victims, including physical force, or use a weapon …

Child Safety Parenting

The Call is Coming from Inside the House! When the Abuser is Your Partner

For many parents, learning their child has been sexually molested or assaulted is about as bad as it can get. But it can get worse still if the abuser is someone the parent is in an intimate relationship with. Children who live with their married biological parents experience the lowest rates of abuse and neglect, …