The number one thing predators don’t want is to get caught. This is their biggest fear. Below is a list of things your child can do to repel predators.

Predators are likely to be put off when your child:

  • Walks confidently and with purpose. Taking up as much space as possible, holding her chin up, and standing tall make her appear stronger and more likely to resist an attack.
  • Pays attention to where she is and what’s going on around her.
  • Sets firm boundaries. Telling someone she doesn’t know or who makes her uncomfortable to back off or leave her alone shows that she’s in charge and willing to defend herself. Also, telling someone she DOES know to stop if he makes inappropriate comments or jokes sends the message that she won’t tolerate bad behavior.
  • Gets self-defense or martial arts training (and becomes proficient through regular practice) that prepares her to fight off an attacker.
  • Uses personal security products or weapons to help defend herself.
  • Resists the perpetrator’s commands by running away or fighting back (if she can do so). This is especially important if the predator tries to move her to another location (e.g., an alley or a car).
  • Reports the predator to parents and the police. (Predators really, really hate that!)

You and your child have SO much power to protect her when you’re not around. Teach her what she needs to know and you’ll both feel better.

Be the parent your child deserves!


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